Offering a Native & Transparent Token
Unique to Meta Nuva

A utility token where users will create value through the usability of the token within the Nuva ecosystem. Buyers, sellers and hodlers can participate in the Nuva Token incentives for which they are rewarded and incentivised.


About Us

We are a globally diverse team of visionaries with vast experience in the marketing, education, blockchain, fintech and financial industries. With collective experience of 200+ years, we excel in innovation and disruption in our respective industries and are committed to promoting equality in all we do.

Our aim is simple.

To revolutionise the payment solution systems that the world is using today, whilst providing longevity, transparency and delivering results that are sustainable. Adhering to our values, morals and ethics are our ultimate priority.

In short, if you engage with any part of our ecosystem we are committed providing a safer, more stable and brighter tomorrow.

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  • Nuva ExchangeNuva Exchange
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  • Nuva GamesNuva Games
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  • Nuva MarketNuva Market
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  • Nuva MerchandiseNuva Merchandise
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  • Nuva CompareNuva Compare
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  • Nuva TokenNuva Token
  • Nuva SwapNuva Swap
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  • Nuva NFTNuva NFT
  • Nuva FaucetNuva Faucet
  • Nuva LearnNuva Learn
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  • Milestones

    Coinstore Coinstore Listing
    Venture Capitalists
    Launch in Top 20 Exchanges
    Listing on a layer one exchange
    Binance Listing on Binance
    Working on our own chain

    Overall Community Size Target


    Token Sale

    • Token name:Nuva
    • Ticker Symbol:NUVA
    • Starting Price Pre-ICO:$0.30
    • ICO Soft Cap:$0.40
    • ICO Hard Cap:$0.60
    • Pre-ICO Goal - 1st batch:5 million NUVA Tokens (Finished)
    • Pre-ICO Goal - 2nd batch:8 million NUVA Tokens (Finished)
    • Pre-ICO Goal - 3rd batch:10 million NUVA Tokens (Finished)
    • Total Supply:210 million
      105 million (Circulated)
      105 million (Locked)
    • Liquidity:Locked until all tokens are released
    General Description

    Nuva Token is split equally with 50% on Ethereum (ERC-20) and 50% on Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20) and fully complies with (ERC-20) standards.

    Total Supply of Nuva Token is 210 million and Circulation Supply is 105 million (50% Total Supply). The other 50% Total Supply of Nuva Token (105 million) are locked with 2% released per calendar month, starting 4 months after the launch.

    Support of this standard ensures the compatibility of Nuva Token with third-party services (wallets, exchanges, listings, etc.), and provides easy integration with all accredited platforms.

    Token Distribution

    Token Distribution
    Allocation of Funds

    Total Token Supply - 210 million

    • 50% Reserved for Community
    • 20% Marketing (Nuva Learn)
    • 7.62% Public Sale
    • 4.76% Private Sale (2nd Batch)
    • 4.76% Founders and Team
    • 3.81% Private Sale (1st Batch)
    • 2.38% Seed
    • 2.38% Liquidity Pool
    • 1.43% Legal & Advise
    • 1.43% Operation
    • 1.43% Marketing

    Road Map



    Onboarding of IT Teams
    Have in-house team

    Planning of Software for Onboarding

    Planning of E-commerce

    Planning of Education Platform


    Planning of Nuva Token

    Planning of Centralised Wallet

    Planning of DeFi Crypto Wallet

    Seeking Partners and Assembling Teams

    Planning of DeFi Multichain Swap

    Planning of Exchange



    Company Registration and Licensing

    Acquiring Workspace

    Planning of Merchandise

    Planning of Acquisition of Trading Bots

    Planning of Play to Earn Games

    Planning of NFT Marketplace


    Planning of Invoicing PDQ

    Collaboration with Marketing Partners for the Launch of Nuva Token

    Sourcing Products and Suppliers


    Private Token Placement

    Token Presale and ICO

    Acquiring Data for Community Airdrop

    Social Media Community Launch






    Our Team

    Shamsu Miah
    Shamsu Miah
    Founder/Chief Officer, Operation
    Shamsu Miah

    Shamsu Miah

    Founder/Chief Officer, Operation

    Shamsu is married and a father of three children. He was born to be a businessman and has been involved in business since 1994, with experience across several industries.

    Shamsu has years of experience of working with digital technologies and platforms with vast experience in the decentralised blockchain and forex industries.

    He has a deep understanding of technology-enabled business models that create value for its community.

    For Shamsu, developing platforms that bring the users of Meta Nuva’s ecosystem under a single roof, through a series of seamless transactions in a secure environment is paramount.

    Ultimately, this results in an improved experience for organisations within our ecosystem and our community of users.

    Bako Faysal
    Bako Faysal
    Founder/Chief Officer, Innovation & Development
    Bako Faysal

    Bako Faysal

    Founder/Chief Officer, Innovation & Development

    Bako was born in Kurdistan, Iraq and raised in the United Kingdom. He has three degrees: Visual Communication & Graphic Design, Health & Social Care, and Business Studies.

    Bako is a disruptive innovator who transforms product offerings and markets around the world. He brings on board extensive experience in network marketing, is adept in organisation and team management, has vast experience in digital technologies and is well versed in contemporary business strategies.

    Bako is purpose driven, dynamic and agile, sees solutions where others see problems and is committed to producing customer centric products and services.

    Sindy Virse
    Sindy Virse
    Liaison Officer
    Professor Donald Lawrence
    Professor Donald Lawrence
    Head of Learning & Development
    Danielia Meyer
    Danielia Meyer
    Learning and Development Facilitator
    TAFT Team
    TAFT Team
    Development Team
    Sparkle Pro
    Sparkler Pro
    Content Creator


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